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Classic Nanaimo Bars

Dark chocolate ganache, custard buttercream, and chocolate & coconut base.

Available in 4-pc, 9-pc and 16-pc boxes

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Saskatoon Berry & Lemon

White chocolate ganache, Saskatoon berry buttercream, and lemon base

Available in 9-pc box.

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Apple & Cinnamon

White chocolate ganache, cinnamon buttercream, and apple base

Available in 9-pc box.

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Smokey Maple

Dark chocolate ganache, maple buttercream, and chocolate & coconut base

Available in 9-pc box.

Our All-Canadian Flavours

What makes Northern Bars different?

Our bars are made to travel.

Keep our bars in a cool temperature under 20 C and you don't need to refrigerate them.


Our co-founders travel all around the world with them - and they always arrive in perfect condition.

Our bars have a shelf life of up to 5 months after production.

Each box comes with its own Best Before date. When you order with us, you should expect a shelf life of 4 months+.

Made with premium ingredients.

Our bars secret ingredients are their premium ingredients, from high quality Belgian chocolate, to our commitment of using real Canadian butter delivered fresh to our facility.

Four different delightful flavours to choose from.

Our Nanaimo Bars come in 4 different flavours: from Classic, Apple & Cinnamon, to fan favorite Saskatoon Berry & Lemon, and Smokey Maple.

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Our packaging

Our packaging is designed by Vancouver designer David Arias, and depicts famous landmarks in Vancouver - from Science World, Sea to Sky Gondola, BC Ferries, to Lions Gate Bridge and so many others.

The packaging instantly reminds you of the wonderful sight and sound of Vancouver. 

Our box is sturdy and should be reused! Keep it as a trinket box, or to store polaroids from your trip to Vancouver.

Made in Granville Island, Vancouver

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Our bars are made lovingly in our kitchen at the Granville Island, Vancouver.

We are proud to call the island our home, where we produce and trade our Nanaimo Bars to visitors from all around the world.

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