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At Northern Bars we take the humble Nanaimo Bar and turn it on its head. Marrying tradition and innovation, we create the modern interpretation of this much-loved British Columbian confectionary. Our mission is to introduce and popularize this great Canadian classic treat to the world. We intend to do that by elevating the Nanaimo Bar to the next level, using the highest quality ingredients, employing artisanal techniques to create uniform, aesthetically appealing bite-sized bars, packaged in beautiful, travel-friendly packaging. We name our venture ‘Northern Bars’, as a tribute to Canada, the true north strong and free.

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Sam & Michelle

Co-owners and life partners Samuel Hartono and Michelle Avelena are avid travelers and food enthusiasts. Together, they bring over 16 years of combined experiences in the field of culinary art, marketing, international business development, and global operations across North America, Asia, and Europe.

As globe trotters, Sam & Mich are fortunate to be able to try many confectionary products from all around the world. They enjoy sharing their travel experiences and memories with people back home through gifts, until they start questioning on how they can transform Nanaimo Bar into a popular souvenir that travelers buy when visiting Canada. In 2017, Sam left his corporate job to pursue his passion in Culinary Arts. Subsequently, He learnt a lot from various business owners and pastry chefs. In 2018, Sam started developing his recipe and methods to create the perfect Nanaimo Bars that are bite-sized, delicious, aesthetically appealing and packaged beautifully ready for travelers. Combining Sam's craftmanship with Michelle's creativity and business acumen, Northern Bars was born in 2020.

Sam & Mich are proud to call Vancouver and Canada home. Their love for their country triggers their deep passion for bringing more of Canada to the world.

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